Our 20th century banking model needs a reboot!

Our Vision

To leave behind our twentieth century preconceptions of what a bank is and create what a bank ought to be. Striking the right balance between...

  • ease vs security
  • social vs private
  • choice vs automation
  • transactions vs interactions
  • freedom vs protection

Secco Aura

Secco fills the space between online and offline with a digital aura that surrounds you

Secco Barter

Secco turns transactions into interactions containing payloads not payments

Secco Connect

Secco integrates with your digital world so you can bank where you want to be


Secco Data

Secco treats data like money, providing the means to save, spend, lend & invest it

Secco Enterprise

sme services that merge business and retail banking, promoting a sharing economy

Secco FOcus

Secco disconnects you from day-to-day money management chores so you can Focus on what's important to you

  • Secco is an early stage bank with the mission to re-invent banking. To accelerate our time to market we're seeking seed investment. Ours is a bold vision and we need investors who share our vision and passion to make a significant difference in the Banking & FinTech space

    Secco investors
  • Secco Bank is in the early stages of development and regulatory process, as such we're not taking on new customers. If you'd like to be kept up to date or take part in a design workshop then please get in touch!

    Secco Customers
  • At Secco we have vision for a future bank. It's ambitious, bold and we believe totally awesome! We have a plan but we don't have all the answers  - perhaps you can help us here? If you have a passion for making things better and an open mind then please get in touch!

    Secco Team